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Deceptive Marketing Practices Exposes Glenn Hagele, a High School Graduate who runs a certification mill for refractive surgeons.
Refractive Surgery News Inside stories from the laser eye surgery industry: LASIK, PRK, LASEK, and ICLs.
LASIK Disaster Includes a personal story of one patient's experience.
LASIK Truth History of the FDA's involvement with the lasik industry.  This site was taken down after the web site operator received threats of a lawsuit from two doctors.  The web site has resurfaced here.
Eye Know Why  I Know Why Refractive Surgeons Wear Glasses. This site continually disappears, and then reappears with a new web site address as someone new always decides to revive it.
Wake Up to LASIK  An optometrist details the dark side of the lasik industry.
The LASIK Report Analysis of the defects in laser eye surgery.
Lasik Newswire Press releases about deceptive marketing practives.
Lasik Surgery Watch To provide accurate, unbiased, scientifically-based information to LASIK patients, prospective LASIK patients, and the general public; to assist patients damaged by LASIK surgery with support and counseling; and to act as a public advocate on behalf of all LASIK patients.
Lasik FDA How the lasik industry and the FDA are covering up the real truth about depression, suicide, and lasik complications.
The Glenn Hagele Report The purpose of this site is to expose Glenn Hagele of the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance (CRSQA) for malicious attacks on LASIK patients, past and current. Glenn Hagele and CRSQA/ are being sued for defamation and unfair and deceptive trade practices. Exposes false advertising by Glenn Hagele. Dr. Marc Werner, Dr. Thierry Hufnagel, Dr. Benjamin Chang.

Legal Resources

Vision Simulations Siimulates blurry and double vision, ghosting, halos, starbursts, and glare caused by eye injury, disease, or LASIK.
Lasik Litigation Legal referral service.

Patient Experiences

Life After Lasik
Lasik Memorial
Lasik Reality
Dr. Robert Maloney
Dr. Eric Donnenfeld
Refractive Surgery Grand Rounds
Dr. Thomas Tooma
TLC Big Sky Lasercenter My Lasik Surgery Experience by John 
Kirk's LASIK History  Mikki's Vision 
Dr. Michael Gordon  Lasik Letters
Dr. Mitchell Friedlaender Lasik SOS
My LASIK Experience LasikSucks4U2   
An Ounce of Prevention Dr. Jack Holladay

Doctors Who Care

Many lasik surgeons (M.D.s) and optometrists (O.D.s) refuse to help patients who have been damaged by lasik.  Fortunately, there are some surgeons and optometrists who are willing to provide help.  I encountered four such individuals in my quest for visual rehabilitation.

Gelender, Gelender, M.D.     Dallas, Texas
Gerowitz, Rob, O.D.       Palatine, Illinois
Pazandak, Bradford, M.D. Dallas, Texas
Weissman, Alan, O.D. Carrollton, Texas

Dr. Edward Boshnick

Miami, Florida

Medical Forums

Doctor My Eye "The Place to Go When Refractive Surgery Goes Wrong".  Operated by Dr. Kenneth Minarik. Bulletin board where patients post complaints about surgeons. Bulletin board where patients post complaints about surgeons.
alt.lasik-eye Uncensored newsgroup.  This place is a real sewer.
Eye Floaters Information Center Includes a bulletin board titled Floaters After LASIK Surgery.
Ask Lasik Docs Heavily censored pro-lasik forum operated by Dr. William Trattler.

Investor Forums

Forum - Company  Type of company Stock symbol
Yahoo - LCA Vision (Lasik Plus)      Lasik chain  LCAV
Yahoo - Advanced Medical Optics Inc.  Defective laser manufacturer EYE
Yahoo - NovaMed Eyecare Lasik chain  NOVA
Yahoo - TLC Vision  Lasik chain  TLCV
Yahoo - Alcon Defective laser manufacturer       ACL