Threats, Harassment, and Lawsuits Against Patients

TLC executives, surgeons, stockholders, and employees don't like it when patients publicly talk about their botched refractive surgeries.  So what do they do when patients start talking?  TLC has come up with several strategies for dealing with this problem:

  1. Threaten to file a lawsuit against the patient.  TLC has tried to intimidate me with threats made by e-mail, statements to the press, and through Ron Link (former owner of
  2. File a lawsuit against the patient.  TLC sued Ron Pasqualino after Ron put up a web site at You can read more about this here.
  3. Put up a vulgar web site to intimidate the patient.  A TLC employee put up a web site at with my picture.  The picture was modified to show me dressed as a pirate, and drenched in urine.
  4. Register the name of the patient as an internet domain name, and then set up domain name forwarding to TLC's own web site.  TLC has tried to deceive the public into thinking that I endorse TLC by setting up domain name forwarding from to
  5. Attack the patient with vulgar messages in Internet chat rooms.  Examples are provided below.
Messages from an eye doctor who calls himself "hansatome"
Why is my practice busy? Service, exceeding patients expectations. Not price, because I charge more than average. And that's why successful laser clinics will do well.
Hey Moron,

We thought you were dead. Well, at least we were 1/2 right-- you're brain dead.

Watch NBC tonight,and let's see what they say. Then visit Machat's clinic in Toronto where Surgical Eyes did a tour and were very impressed. Too bad you can't be treated there because you didn't go to TLC in the first place.
Your middle initial should be "D" for dumkopf, dimwit, and duh. And "noggin" is slang for numbskull. Did you squat on the transplant surgeons domain name yet? Is your transplant surgeon Dr. Nick Calabera of The Simpsons?

If I was Machat, I would changed the fluency on the laser and zapped you like there was no tomorrow.

Brent, you have two deadly traits-- stupidity and parasitism. 

Thanking me for mentioning a valid refractive surgeery web site doesn't change the fact that you are a dim-witted parasite.

Warmest Regards,
Press Release

For immediate distribution, via internet, fax, and homing pigeon

Waco, Texas (CNN)

Gen. Saddam
[name deleted], CEO and Grand Poobah of [company name deleted] laser eyeball centers, has announced Mrs. Brent Ransom as his new spokesperson.

Mr. Ransom, is known in internet circles for posting misleading diatribe about his own laser experiences. "I think I'll fit right in with this group", said Mr. Ransom. "We like to rape and pillage this industry, and this is a great way of fulfilling that agenda. I hope I can reflect the aspirations of this company". When asked why he uses the feminine salutation of "Mrs.", Mrs. Brent replied, "if you saw what's beneath these undergarments, you'd know why."

Mr. Ransom, a graduate of the Goebbels School of Propaganda, will be assisting Gen.
[name deleted] in further clouding the investment waters for interested laser vision stocks.

CNN-- the Caca News Network is a subsidiary of Saddam News Services. The characters described are fictional, and any resemblance to anyone living, dead, or somewhere in between is purely coincidental.
The fact that TLC even cared to return your calls (even though you never were covered under the old Beacon or the newer TLC Lifetime Commitment Plan) shows that TLC is outstanding when it comes to caring for all patients who have had laser vision correction-- even those treated elsewhere and have had problems.

Brent-- don't think you're a modern Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or Mother Theresa. You couldn't clean the toilets of any of these people. Stop your banal discourse, and see your urologist to take care of the bedwetting problem.
Go for it coward.... Post these so-called written 'complaints'. Name the names... shit or get off the pot.

Again and again you twist, manipulate, and try to confuse people on this forum.

Your sordid journey started at a non-TLC center, and TLC tried to help you out even though they were NOT obligated to help you. Now you are pimping and extorting TLC. What a pathetic louse you are.
Don't think Vamvakas doesn't read this board. You can bet your last pair of stained underwear that they are recording every one of your posts, building their case against you.

Keep talking, squawking, fabricating, bullying, extorting, pimping, prostituting. We're watching and recording you.
You're bedwetting is rather funny. Keeping peeing yourself, because it looks good on you.

LOL x 1000!

You think these sites won't be shut down? Right. Not only are you stupid, but you are naive. Here is the host info for the sites:

Location = Kansas City, MO 64118
lat/lon = 39.21 N, 94.56 W
source = NET

TLC has lawyers in U.S. and Canada. Don't worry, they'll chase you down again like the mangy dog you are.

Messages from an eye doctor who calls himself "pcomlee742"
I did undergo bilateral LASIK at TLC, as did my wife and a few family members. I'm also an eye doctor.  I also can smell a rat when I see and read about one. And you are one big lying rat.
In time, I'm sure someone else will put up another Bedwetter site for Whining Brent. HEH HEH
BrentAHanson-- naive, stubborn, misguided boob.
In the big scheme of things, Brent and his ilk are little bugs on the windshield of the LVC truck.
Henry Tourette, MD
Medical Director
Bellevue Mental Hospital
NY, NY 10021

Dear Mr. Hanson,

We have been monitoring your recent activities on the internet, and notice that your compulsive postings resemble a condition that we are studying at our facility.

We hope that you can participate in a large, comprehensive study, which investigates the behavior of delusional individuals. These individuals not only are delusional, but they are naive, and suffer from male-equivalency PMS syndrome. They are also stubborn, and ignore facts.

Please contact our study hotline number at Bellevue's main switchboard, where we will take down further information so we can begin taping electrodes to your head. Would you like your case to be comanaged?


Dr. H. Tourette, B.Sc., LLB., MD, Ph.D.
Clinical Investigator

Dear Brent,

We are looking for you. How did you escape? We miss you walking the floors in your Napolean Bonaparte costume. Are you still wetting your bed? Is your daddy still in drag?

Hope you come back real soon now, you hear?
Brent-- Go See a Proctologist EOM
Hanson has to frequently change his site's host servers because his information is deceitful and fraudulent. Brent Hanson has also been dismissed by a well-known internet advocacy group for failed refractive surgery cases, so his integrity is negligable.
Re: Brent your a dick!!! Yes, he's a dick. A stubborn, deaf dick.

Yes, he's a cry-baby and a bedwetter.

Messages from a dentist who calls himself "carlson_dds"
During the olympics, my uncle claims he saw a Tiger TV Ad. It was brought up in a conversation about whether a shareholder can sue brent for damages from his slander site--since TLC wont "do stuff".----He is a lawyer. Please lets not discuss that topic here (Ive seen enough on that topic).
I hope I never have a patient with your pathetic qualities in my chair...

The guy with the red shirt does look like you--that wormy prissy pose is priceless. You can take it on the chin Brent.
Oh man Is that scumbag talking again?  Figures...cant stand to see us prosper. What a vindictive prick...I imagine the complication NAZIS will be showing up from Surgical again too. Thank God that no one bases their investments on .com BS!

To all of you folks at TLC who want to shut my web site down, all I can say is: