Book Review of LASIK:  A Color Atlas, by TLC Surgeon, Dr. Louis Probst

This is an excellent book that illustrates why LASIK surgeons rarely have the procedure performed on themselves.  The book shows graphic pictures of button holes, abnormal topographies, infections, dislocated flaps, wrinkles in flaps, corneal perforations, DLK, epithelial abrasions, and other problems that are common to LASIK.

In his book, Dr. Probst failed to mention an approach that he once used to eliminate a problem that resulted from a surgical accident.  While performing LASIK, the tape that was used to hold the patient's right eye open slipped, which resulted in a decentered ablation.  The patient, Dr. Roger Davis, ended up with double vision as a result of the accident.  After Dr. Davis complained about his damaged vision, Dr. Probst eliminated the problem by telling Dr. Davis' that he was "being too picky" about his double vision.  Dr. Davis then appealed to the head of the Chicago center, who told him that a center would be opening in Saint Louis, and thereafter refused to return his phone calls.

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Reviewer:   Brent Hanson
Rating:        4 stars